Our Team

  • Sales

    Dean Dubé
    Dean Dubé Owner 418-860-3542 418-860-3426 Send an Email
    Steve Dubé
    Steve Dubé Owner 418-860-3542 418-862-8137 Send an Email
    Yvan Caron
    Yvan Caron Directeur des ventes 418-860-3542 418-866-2632 Send an Email
    Daniel Dumais
    Daniel Dumais 418-860-3542 418-894-4047 Send an Email
    Patrick Marcil
    Patrick Marcil 418-860-3542 581-337-7262 Send an Email
    Maxime Poulin
    Maxime Poulin 418-860-3542 Send an Email

    after sales service

    Jocelyn L'Italien
    Jocelyn L'Italien 418-860-3542 Send an Email
    Bruce Talbot
    Bruce Talbot 418-860-3542
    Jonathan Lévesque
    Jonathan Lévesque 418-860-3542 Send an Email
    Steve Dumont
    Steve Dumont 418-860-3542
    Jérémie Santerre
    Jérémie Santerre 418-860-3542
    Mathieu Bouchard
    Mathieu Bouchard 418-860-3542
    Philippe Soucy
    Philippe Soucy 418-860-3542
    Jerry Dubé
    Jerry Dubé 418-860-3542
    François Paradis
    François Paradis 418-860-3542


    Stéphane Landry
    Stéphane Landry 418-860-3542 Send an Email
    Lucie Drolet Guérette
    Lucie Drolet Guérette 418-860-3542
    Nancy Ouellet
    Nancy Ouellet 418-860-3542

At Dubé Kia we pride ourselves on making it worth your trip from wherever you are Rivière-du-Loup or Montmagny to have all your automotive needs taken care of, with professionalism and a smile.

So whether you're looking for a new Kia vehicle, in search of a quality used car, truck or SUV, or in need of expert automotive service, we invite you to contact us online or by telephone at 1-844-409-7566, or come down and see us at our convenient local store.